Climbing Snowdon during a storm was never the goal but climbing Snowdon was something I wanted to do for my birthday, I just wanted to do something different and challenging rather than the usual drinks and dinner so climbing Snowdon seemed a good fit.

Part of this bouncing back from failure journey is to create some memories, experience life more and in doing so I decided that i’d set a goal and one day i’d attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, so a good place to start for a first time hiker would be to climb Snowdon in Wales… surely?

As with everything in my life, I winged it and ignored the weather warnings that there was a storm due the morning I decide to climb Snowdon.

Although it was Spring due to the storm it was like climbing Snowdon in winter! Climbing Snowdon during a storm was an absolute stupid idea and not something i’d ever suggest but i guess, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make a meal out of something.

If anything I least have the bragging rights that not only did I accomplish climbing Snowdon but I accomplished climbing Snowdon in some pretty bad weather conditions, mini high five for me.

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