Dealing with bailiffs was always one of those things which embarrassed me the most about publishing this honest journey, having bailiffs knock at your door simply screams ‘this person is terrible with money’ ‘this person does not pay their bills’

For me both of the above points were true. Bailiffs arrived at my door pursuing unpaid parking fines and unpaid council tax. In this vlog I discuss the stresses of dealing with bailiffs and how I’m trying to tackle it.

Being in severe debt, I had three enforcement agents on my back representing: Jacobs Enforcement, Bristow & Sutor and Marston Holdings each chasing chunks of unpaid council tax from a list of rental properties and unpaid parking fines.

I found myself stuck in a revolving circle with these bailiffs, I tried to negotiate directly with them and was up against unrealistic demands, I then did lot’s of ‘Googling’ to understand my rights, bailiffs powers and the stages of enforcement. Once I had this information I realised a lot of the letters and phone calls we’re reliant upon intimidation tactics.

I tried to strike up a repayment plan one last time which was based on my affordability rather than trying to bend over backwards to meet the desires of the agents, when this failed I then based all my efforts on cutting the enforcement agents out of the loop.

I sent offers of repayment directly to the creditors explaining the amounts I could repay, the creditors sent replies explaining contact must be with the enforcement agents as the debts had been ‘passed on’ I wrote to the enforcement companies and explained I would be paying the creditors directly, who sent a bailiff to knock on my door and round and round it went.

It’s a big part of my journey, dealing with bailiffs and as embarrassing as It is, I am glad I have shown this raw side of my building a new life and getting out of debt journey.

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