Earn six figures working from home, is this even possible?

Does this seem like an achievable goal or pie in the sky to get to a point where I’m earning £10,000 per month working from home as a digital marketer?

This is exactly what I’m attempting to do and after my third week back in business I’m well on track to hit this number.

It seems crazy thinking about it, earn six figures working from as a digital marketer sat in a small home office is probably a dream come true for a lot, for me it’s almost a necessity, I’m drowning in debt and unless I start earning serious money month in month out I don’t think I’ll ever get out of my situation.

I’ve started to document my journey every single day as I launch myself back into the business world after suffering from so many failures, I truly feel I’m ready and already by the first day of a new month I’ve broke the £2,000 mark!

Only £8,000 to go until I can comfortably say I work from home and am earning £10,000 as a digital marketer, sounds so cool right?

Follow my journey as I attempt to bounce back from failure and document the whole process with vlogs, blogs and podcasts.

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