Feeling overwhelmed by life was to be expected really when taking on this massive task, I just didn’t think it would hit me this soon.

I planned this comeback for months, I didn’t start this journey just on a whim, I sat for months drumming up funds in order to move to a new area and put so much time, effort and planning into this new life but it just hit me recently that, this is going to be much harder than i thought.

I guess we have all had that moment of feeling overwhelmed by life haven’t we, for me it’s the sheer length of time it’s going to take in order to overcome the debt mountain I have ahead of me, now I know why people opt for bankruptcy.

Reality certainly hit home here, operating off 4 hours sleep and hustling all hours of the day just isn’t working, I found myself living such an unstructured life, picking something up, dropping it, picking up something else up then getting to the end of the day not having finished what I started.

I can’t keep having moments where im feeling overwhelmed by life because i’ll end up burnt out quicker than a cheap candle. A structure is what is needed moving forward and that is something i spend some time putting together which allows me to segment my day in certain stages.

The old saying I need to remember moving forward is:

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Li Proverbe au Vilain

Moving forward, I realise I need to slow down, I need to have a larger client base and plan my days better. That way i’m not focussing on this journey taking a number of years but more so ‘this hour I am doing this task’

It’s all a learning curve isn’t it.

On we go….

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