Tony Tomlinson - My Story

I often describe my story as ‘The Path of Self Destruction’ which I chose to be the title of my first book (out September 2021).

I was fortunate enough to be gifted a fairly normal childhood in Manchester. My parents made the decision to become tenants of public houses so I spent a good chunk of my childhood with the family home being a pub (living quarters upstairs) followed by a housing estate, a very much working class family and working class environment. 

I label my story as ‘the path of self destruction’ because that’s exactly what I did, I sabotaged myself and my life. 

I didn’t make it to the end of my final year in high school. After becoming too much of a disruption to others, the teachers collectively decided to give me the boot several months before I was due to take my exams.

At the age of 21 and after a catalogue of criminal convictions, I found myself serving a short sentence in Strangeways, Manchester. 

In my mid twenties I became a binge drinking, drug taking idiot! With no direction or meaning in life, I spent my time drinking and sniffing myself into an angry state. 

Although I was actually quite a natural when it came down to running a business, I spent more time chasing money and avoiding business responsibilities which later lead to my business being shut down in the high courts.

Unpaid bills were always a regular occurrence, my business failure, tax avoidance and financial obligation avoidance eventually piled up to an overwhelming six figure debt sum.

After being evicted from my home, I found myself homeless for 9 months.

After years of suffering with anxiety and clinical depression, In 2016, I tried to take my own life.

When I was at my lowest I remember searching for a video diary of someone who had comeback from rock bottom, I found lot’s of talk, lot’s of people stood on stage talking about how hard they had it 10,15,20 years ago…. but always from a present position of success, never someone currently rebuilding.

I made a promise to myself ‘Get your s**t together Tony and you be the person who shows the rebuild, a real, raw and honest journey’

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