So here we have week one of my new business vlog!

So here we have week one of my new business vlog!

In this business vlog I struggle with transitioning from a freelancer to a full time set schedule.

In the last vlog I mentioned how being a freelancer isn’t ideal for my financial situation at the moment as it’s very inconsistent and hit and miss.

In this vlog I wanted to put together a schedule where I come away from the inconsistency of freelance life and work a set routine like I would if I was running an office. However, getting used to the schedule was a little more trickier than planned.

Due to my need to earn as much money as possible, I continued to juggle freelance work completing one of jobs with trying to build a digital marketing agency which will provide with me a consistent income each month.

The main objective for the first few days of my business was to get immediate cash in the bank, I started the venture with just £11 in my bank account so it was super important to get some immediate money in, I did so by reaching out to everyone I had done some freelance work for in the past with an introductory email letting them know what i’m doing now and the services I offer.

I set a target to achieve £1,000 Net Profit in the first week of trading, really this was just a round figure I plucked out of the air but more importantly, it was just a way to cement the fact that the services and prices I have put together, are realistic.

The new business vlog started off a little shakey but a shakey start is better than a none start isnt it.

And so the new business vlog continues….. if you are following the journey so far, feel free to comment and reach out to me on social media.

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