So this is my new business vlog, I will try to be as open and transaparent as possible showcasing the journey of being a new business.

So this is my new business vlog, in this vlog I document my first day being in business.

Now we all know there are millions of business vlogs out there and In my opinion, most of them are just copying Gary Vaynerchuck so I wanted to try and offer a true and honest reflection of building a new business.

Making my return to the business world was quite daunting after having 2 business failures under my belt already, however, I truly feel this is my time to really get my business life in order. Prior to this, I have been trading as a self employed digital marketing freelancer, using websites like People Per Hour in order to make a living.

The issue with being a freelancer is that there is no level of consistency at all, one day you’re turning work away because you are rammed and barely have enough time to sip your coffee and the next you’re twiddling your thumbs looking for freelance work, usually bidding against someone overseas who is prepared to do the same work for 60% less than the UK minimum hourly wage.

Not everything is negative about freelance work as you can literally dip in and out, produce the work you are paid for and leave without having to deal with anything else, that side of freedom I really liked but for somebody like me who is in large amounts of debt – financial consistency is a must!

In this vlog, I juggle freelance work whilst building a digital marketing agency, I found a small gap in the very overcrowded digital marketing marketplace by working predominately with new businesses, start ups and those on a shoestring budget.

I put together a plan to price myself in the middle of corporate agencies who charge £1,500+ per month and freelancers who charge as little as £50 (usually on a case by case basis).

I don’t just want my vlog to be all business based as like i said earlier, YouTube is flooded with business vlogs but this is a big part of my building a new life journey so felt I had to include my first day being officially back in business.

Let’s see how this turns out…

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