Starting A Business While In Debt

Starting a business while in debt is probably not the smartest move in the world but I’m about to start a business while in debt nevertheless, £133,000 worth of debt to be blunt.

Okay where do I even start here, first things first, I have promised that if I’m going to do this vlogging thing, if I’m going to waffle into a camera everyday then I am going to be 100% me. I’m going to show a true reflection of who I am, what I’m doing and my situation. The reason I say that is because we’ve all seen bloggers and youtubers or whatever you want to call them who only show you the LinkedIn version of themselves.

I want to be absolutely as raw as they come and just be true to myself! Let’s assume that you’ve seen my intro video – bouncing back from failure…. you haven’t watched my intro, it’s basically my attempt basic animation and it lays out the failures I have caused throughout my life.

Being, kicked out of high school, jumping around in dead-end jobs, in and out court, I’ve spent time in prison, two failed businesses, broken relationships, broken family, I was homeless for nine months, a ridiculous amount of debt, I’ve been in the national press for all the wrong reasons and so much more. The video explains it all, go watch it.

I truly feel that I’m in a place where I’m ready to start afresh, I have spent so much time consuming content and rebuilding as a person, the most recent years of my life, I just locked myself away and focussed on tackling things like depression, anxiety, mental demons and so much more! So much has gone on behind closed doors and I now feel that I have I’m in that position where I can say to myself ‘let’s rebuild’.

The reason I want to vlog this journey is because, whilst I was consuming all this content in all these key areas of my life which I wanted to change or learn about, I reached out to try and find someone who was rebuilding their life. I couldn’t find anybody doing that, all I seemed to find was hundreds and thousands of people stood on a stage telling people how hard life was were.

Every single content creator I came across all told their story of how hard life used to be, always from a present position of success. There’s probably legitimate reasons why people haven’t vlogged theire backstories, vlogging might not have been a thing back then, they might not want to show the the shitty parts of their life so I guess I thought, I’ll be the guinea pig! If I was physically sat there searching for an adversity related vlog because I wanted to see somebody else rebuild their life then perhaps someone else is looking for that as well!

If I show my journey having messed up my life the way I have and I at least to attempt to rebuild mine then maybe whoever watching might be able to rebuild theirs or perhaps it would give users something different to watch.

As I sit here today I have moved to a new rented home in an area where nobody knows me , I’ve never lived here before I don’t know anybody else. It’s the ultimate fresh start for me.

I am in £133,000 worth of debt, I have bailiff letters, I’ve collected CCJ’s like pokemon cards and I’m in a ton of trouble! But tomorrow i’ll be making my return into the business world!

I know that sounds crazy like if I sit here and say, I’m starting a business whilst in debt and six figures of debt at that. i’m sure people will think i’m losing my mind!…… maybe I am.

But that’s the idea behind the vlog, that’s why I’m doing it and I hope you come along for the journey. I’m sat here now in my little home office on a Sunday evening and I’m just getting myself ready so tomorrow when I wake up I can just hit the ground running and launch my new business.

The business i’m about to launch is a digital marketing agency, I have worked in the digital marketing field for a while now and I’ve been a freelancer which has been how I’ve been ticking over, picking up odd jobs on people per hour and freelance websites, whether it be 50 quid here, 100 quid there, that sort of stuff.

Being a freelancer is never going to get me out of the financial mess I am in so tomorrow I’m launching an actual agency where I will work on monthly retainers with clients consistently paying month in, month out. (Or at least that’s the plan)

One thing to note is that despite all the debt I am currently being suffocated by, I am starting this business with just £11 to my name! My plan is to register for free trials for all the software I need which will give me zero start up costs (only my time) all I have so far is a very old iMac and an internet connection and telephone line.

I don’t know how this journey is going to go or how i’m going to compile these videos but for now I just wanted to do a very quick introduction just to say hi I’m Tony, this is my vlog and this is what i’m doing.

In a way i’m also keeping this as a little video diary for myself so I can look back at this one day, I’ve told myself, for a while now that I can do this, I can get myself out of the situation I put myself in and this the way to do it.

I hope you enjoy my little journey and come a long for the ride.

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