Taking a break from stress

Taking a break from stress in this vlog! The stresses of rebuilding life, dealing with debt, building a new business and everything else that comes with it.

I told myself that if i’m going to tackle this mountain of debt, build a business against all odds and tackle everything else that comes my way then taking a break from stress is something that I have to take seriously, I have suffered tremendously with mental health in the past and also experienced my fair share of ‘burnout’ so if you are following this journey, you can expect to find me taking a break throughout so i’m not just making it all about debt, business and so on.

I didn’t just want to make this vlog about business or debt, I want to it become a full ‘building a new life’ showing everything from personal to business so in this vlog I introduce my children and just what I get up to outside of sitting behind my desk.

I’m never going to be a Casey Neistat nor do I want to be but it is important to me to show everything, rather than just cherry picking what I show and talk about.

This is my first vlog where I show that personal side, that side where I just have some Tony time, in doing so I came up with a bit of a crazy idea… my birthday was fast approaching so i wanted to do something a little different rather than just having a couple drinks in a local pub, i wanted to do something i could look back on and think ‘yeah i remember that birthday’ because if im honest, I don’t think i even remember what I did the last 5 birthdays or who i spent them with.

If you’re watching my journey so far, it would be nice to get some feedback so feel free to contact me or follow me on socials – comment on this post or indeed the YouTube video itself.

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