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What's It All About?

This is my journey, d'ya want to come a long for the ride...

In the digital world we live in, I feel like authenticity is dying, social media is full of highlight reels, people sharing their best moments and often, fake moments! Moments and life made to look better than it actually is. 

People can almost build a new identity on these platforms, I’ve seen it, in fact, I’ve done it! I don’t think there is authentic online presences anymore, everyone wants to show off, to gain followers or to sell you something! Where’s the fun of it, where’s the story tellers, the real, raw, journeys… 

I figured, I’ll do it! I’ll blog and vlog my life, whether it be just some fun stuff I get up to, documenting the hurdles I face when building a business or just having a little ramble, here you’ll find all that goes on. 

Watch, read, enjoy or don’t enjoy, it doesn’t really matter, we’re all going to die one day✌🏻

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